Baits Bite

A circular walk along the river as far as Baits Bite.

Length: Approximately 4.65 miles

Note: the main route is marked in red, with a diversion marked as green in the even that Ditton Meadow is waterlogged.

Starting at Riverside, follow the bank along the river, passing the Green Dragon bridge on your left and Stourbridge Common on your right.

Proceed under the railway bridge to reach Ditton Meadow. As the main path branches off to the right, continue straight on over the small footbridge. After passing through several open gates, you will reach Fen Ditton. Continue along the High Street until you reach the Church.

If the above route is impassable, an alternative is marked in green. Instead of crossing the footbridge, continue along the path to the south side of the meadow, following it round to the left. On reaching trees, follow continue to the junction, turning left up a path with solar-powered lights down the centre. This will also take you to the Church.

On reching the Church, head past the pub along Church Street. As it curves left, the road becomes Green End; keep going pas the Plough and, after some distance, you will reach the end of the road. As this point, the path continues straight ahead past a farm.

After passing the farm, you will rejoin the river before passing under the A14. Continue along the bank until you reach some wooden buildings. At this point, you will see a weir and a lock gate. This is Baits Bite.

Cross the footbridge over the weir to reach the island, then cross the second bridge to reach the other bank. Note the guide rails for bicycles on the steps of the second bridge.

Turn left to head back south along the river, passing under the A14 again. Continue for some distance, passing under the railway bridge again, until you reach the end of the path at Water Street.

At Water Street, continue past the Penney Ferry. Once you reach the Green Dragon pub on your right, you will find the bridge of the same name on your left. Cross over the bridge to Stourbridge Common, then retrace your steps back to Riverside.