Cambridge to Shelford

A linear walk along the guided busway and DNA cycleway to Shelford

Length: Approximately 3.77 miles

Note: The walk is marked in magenta and the train journey (outward or return, depending on how you do it) is marked in blue.

Starting at Cambridge Station, head south past the old mill and under the Hills Road bridge. After the bridge, the tarmac road to your left will turn into a set of concrete tracks (The Busway).

When you reach the next bridge (Long Road), take the underpass to the right of the main arch to avoid being run over. Continue parallel to the busway, noting Addenbrookes hospital on your left.

As the busway reaches a junction, cross over and take the left turn over the bridge towards Addenbrookes. At the end of the bridge, turn right onto Addenbrookes Road.

Continue as far as the roundabout and take the path to the right. This curves left and heads under the bridge. Keep going parallel to the railway line towards the Double Helix sculpture.

As you reach the double helix, note the wooded area on your left; this is Nine Wells, formerly the source of water for the whole of Cambridge and now a nature reserve. You are about to cross Hobson's Conduit, which was the original water course (there is a monument to Hobson in the woods).

Continue along the cycleway, noting the pattern in the ground representing a DNA sequence. After the railway line forks, you will encounter a level crossing at Granham's Road. You will need to turn right onto Granham's Road and then left again before the level crossing to continue on the cycleway.

The cycleway continues for a short distance before terminating at Chaston Road. Follow Chaston Road as it runs parallel to the railway line and then diverges to the left.

At the end of Chaston Road, turn right onto Hinton Way. You should soon see the level crossing ahead, which also marks the location of Shelford Station. Continue as far as the level crossing, noting that the platform for return trains to Cambridge is on the opposite side of the track.