Dimmock's Cote Loop

A circular riverside walk south of Ely

Length: Approximately 11.97 miles

Starting at Ely Station, emerge onto Station Road. Cross to the island between the bridge and the level crossing. There is a path in the grass (not easily visible from the station) that leads to the pavement under the bridge. Turn right to head under the bridge. After the bridge, there is a similar path; take this and then cross to the left hand side of the road.

Continue along the bridge over the river and keep going until you see Queen Adelaide Way on your left. At this point, cross back over Station Road and take the footpath on your right.

Proceed along the embankment and under the railway bridge; note that this bridge was rebuilt in 2007 after a freight train demolished the original.

After the bridge, the made-up path diverges to the left. You can either take this route or continue along the embankment as both meet up at Soham Lode.

As you reach the pumping station at Soham Lode, cross over the concrete platform and continue along the embanmkent (take the right fork and the river will still be on your right).

As you pass the farmland on your left, you will also encounter the confluence of the Cam and the Ouse on your right. At this point, you leave the Cam and join the Ouse.

After you reach the woods, make sure that you heed any advice about nesting birds (you may need to descend to the lower land). The path between the trees will undulate for a while before bearing left. Eventually, you will reach a gate leading into a road; continue straight ahead.

After a short while, take a right turn along another small track (there will be a signpost here). Continue over the bridge and you will eventually reach a series of buildings representing Dimmock's Cote Quarry.

At the end of the road, turn right onto Dimmock's Cote Road. Cross the bridge, passing over the Cam. Note that to cut the walk short, you may turn right after the bridge and head straight to the marina.

Continue along the road and over the level crossing (note that there is hardly any delay between the barriers descending and the train arriving, so be very careful!)

After a while, you will come to a bridge. Before you reach the bridge, take the footpath to your right. Proceed along the path, noting Stretham with its windmill on your left and, later, the reservoir on your right.

After the reservoir, the river curves to the right before reching the railway line. There may be a way under the bridge on your left but the less precarious route is over the railway tracks. Be especially careful here, as there is no indication as to whether a train is coming but there is a good view in both directions. Cross both stiles as quickly and as carefully as possible.

Continue along to the marina (if you have taken a short cut, you can pick up the route from here). Cross over the footbridge on your left and turn right when you reach the opposite bank.

Now you are at the confluence again, looing across the bank to where you were earlier. Keep going along the bank, passing Holt Fen on your left. When you reach a metal footbridge, cross over and continue straight on.

As you come back to the railway bridge over the river, you will need to cross the track. Again, there is no indication of approaching trains but there is a good view along the line to the right and you should be able to see the station up ahead (note that the line is popular with freight traffic and trains to/from Ipswich).

After crossing, you may either drop down to the driveway or continue along the top of the embankment; both lead back to Station Road. At the end, turn left onto Station Road and retrace your steps under the bridge to return to the station.