The Old Mildenhall Line

A circular walk that follows the course of the dismantled railway and returns along the river.

Distance: Approximately 7.34 miles.

Starting at Riverside, enter Stourbridge Common, fork right and, opposite the play area, fork left down a grassy track. Cross the tarmac path and follow the vehicle tracks to the metal footbridge.

Cross the railway footbridge bridge to reach Ditton Meadow. Turn right and skirt the edge of the meadow, keeping the trees on your right. Through the trees, you should be able to see the tracks that mark the only surviving section of the Mildenhall railway.

After a while, you should reach a small footbridge with gates at either end. Cross the stream here and continue as before, skirting the south side of the meadow. As you reach the main path, note that the passageway on your right crosses the original course of the railway line.

Continue straight ahead, keeping the meadow on your left and the houses on your right. As you reach the trees, you will find yourself at a junction with Howard Road and the path to Fen Ditton; you need to follow the path that runs parallel to the road, keeping the trees to your right and the field to your left.

Pass more houses on your right before reaching Ditton Lane. Note that although you have been travelling parallel to the course of the railway line, there is no sign of a crossing here!

The trees opposite mark the start of the railway cutting but there is no access here; instead, you need to use the pedestrian lights and walk down Fison Road.

After passing Dennis Road, you will see a small gate on your left indicating a permissive path. Go through this gate and turn right. You are now in the railway cutting.

Continue along the cutting, passing a locked gate on your left. The cutting continues until you reach a large bridge; at this point the cutting becomes impassable. Facing the bridge take the small path to your right and emerge onto High Ditch Road.

Turn right onto High Ditch Road. After a while, you should come to Low Fen Drove Way on your left. Take this road over the A14 and continue. As the road bends right then left, you will cross a straight driveway; this is the course of the Mildenhall Line again. However, this section is marked as private so this is all you will see of it.

As Low Fen Drove Way narrows, you will come to a fork. Take the left turn here and continue past the substation. As you reach Horningsea Road, cross over and turn right (Do not head straight on down Biggin Lane as that is a private road). After a short distance, turn left down the public footpath. Continue straight on down the driveway to reach Baits Bite lock.

Cross the footbridge over the weir to reach the island, then cross the second bridge to reach the other bank. Note the guide rails for bicycles on the steps of the second bridge.

Turn left to head back south along the river, passing under the A14. Continue for some distance, passing under the railway bridge, until you reach the end of the path at Water Street.

At Water Street, continue past the Penney Ferry. Once you reach the Green Dragon pub on your right, you will find the bridge of the same name on your left. Cross over the bridge to Stourbridge Common, then turn right and follow the river bank back to Riverside.